Are hospitals obliged to provide care?

In Texas, all non-profit hospitals are required to provide a certain amount of free health care to people who do not have health insurance or who cannot afford to pay for hospital care. The law only applies to non-profit hospitals. (C) The process for considering applications for medical staff affiliation and privileges or the renewal, modification, or revocation of medical staff affiliation and privileges must provide each physician, podiatrist, and dentist with procedural due process that meets the requirements of 42 U. To a hospital that is the successor in interest to the hospital that maintains the health care information;.

Because of the high cost of emergency room care, in the early 1980s many private hospitals began refusing to admit indigent patients and instead transferred them to municipal or county hospital emergency rooms. If a hospital cannot stabilise a patient within its capacity, or if the patient requests it, an appropriate transfer should take place. B) In developing the community benefit plan, the hospital shall take into account the health care needs of the community as determined by community needs assessments. F) A patient may not maintain an action against a hospital for a disclosure made by the hospital in good faith on the basis of an authorization if the hospital's medical records department did not have notice that the authorization was revoked.

Develop and recommend criteria for designating levels of neonatal and maternal care, respectively, including specifying the minimum requirements to qualify for designation of each level;. The most significant effect is that, regardless of insurance status, participating hospitals are prohibited from denying EME to persons seeking treatment for an illness. Permitting in-person visits to a patient receiving care or treatment in the hospital if the attending physician determines that in-person visits to that patient may result in the transmission of an infectious agent that poses a serious health risk to the community. The hospital shall adopt and implement reasonable safeguards for the security of all healthcare information it maintains.

Develop and recommend a process for assigning levels of care to a hospital for neonatal and maternal care, respectively;. Physicians on call should realise that, when on call, they do not represent their group or themselves, but the hospital. Each hospital shall publish annually a notice of the hospital's charity care programme and policies in a local newspaper of general circulation in the county. A mission statement of the organization that identifies the hospital's commitment to serving the health care needs of the community; and.

A completed worksheet calculating the ratio of costs to expenses for the fiscal year to which the subdivision relates (and including the same requirements as Worksheet 1-A adopted by the department in August 1994 for the 1994 Annual Statement of Community Benefit Standards. The hospital would only have to make sure that 2 hours later, when the next patient with a ruptured appendix arrived (and had good insurance), his surgeon had not suddenly made a miraculous recovery.

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