Are hospitals still full?

While these numbers provide an important measure of capacity and reflect figures hospitals have provided to the federal government, experts working with the data said the situation may have changed since occupancy levels were reported for the seven days prior to last Thursday. He was diagnosed with gallstone pancreatitis, which is treatable but which his local hospital was not equipped to treat, according to KPRC. Officials at the small hospital recently called 40 other facilities in several states looking for a bed for a COVID-19 patient, before finally finding one more than a day later about 220 miles (354.06 kilometres) away. Even in France, which has far more hospital beds per capita than the United States, more than 100 Covid-19 patients had to be evacuated as hospitals in Paris ran out of beds.

Anything more than 20% represents extreme stress for the hospital, according to a framework developed by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. The University of Iowa Health Center in Iowa City has received calls from hospitals in other states requesting transfers, according to Dr Covid. Although cases and deaths have been declining nationally, an analysis of Health and Human Services data by NBC News shows that 20 hospitals nationwide had full ICUs for more than 52 weeks since the start of the pandemic. Children under the age of 12 are still unable to receive vaccinations, and paediatric hospitals are seeing the highest number of Covid-19 patients in their history.

Hospital stress levels reflect the percentage of inpatient beds occupied by COVID-19 patients in reporting hospitals. The rise of the delta variant of the virus, combined with low vaccination rates, has pushed hospitals to the brink in many states and has resulted in a desperate scramble to find beds for patients. Finding a hospital to accommodate them is made more difficult by staff shortages after doctors and nurses fatigued by the pandemic have left. The largest hospital system in central Massachusetts, UMass Memorial Health, ran out of intensive care beds on Wednesday as critically ill patients with deferred chronic health problems and those affected by COVID-19 overwhelmed health care providers.

Texas, for example, has nearly matched its winter peak with more than 14,200 people currently hospitalised with Covid-19.I spoke to a California hospital executive last summer who had to call a nearby hospital himself in search of a ventilator when his facility ran out of those life-saving machines. But Justin Lessler, a professor of epidemiology at John Hopkins, said there hasn't been the kind of reduction in hospitalisations that officials had hoped for because the delta variant appears to be more severe, especially in younger age groups, whose vaccination rates are lower. During the current wave of Covid-19 driven by the delta variant, Americans are being moved hundreds of kilometres from their homes because no nearby hospital has room for them.

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