Hospitals sponsoring foreign nurses?

The Employment Based (EB) visa or green card is the visa of choice for sponsorship of US nurses with Medliant. You will also need to have current work experience as a nurse (normally a minimum of 2 years is required) to receive sponsorship from a healthcare employer for a permanent work visa also known as a green card. Since many US hospitals want nurses who have at least a bachelor's degree, you may want to start earning this degree online while waiting for your visa application to be processed. The easiest way to get sponsorship is to contact an employment agency that specialises in placing foreign-trained nurses in US hospitals.

St. Joseph Medical Center (SJMC) is a general acute care hospital in Houston, Texas, owned by Steward Health Care. The policy is based on the inability of JHHS to provide sponsorship for foreign nurses due to the prolonged visa setback. Seek a physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center or Johns Hopkins Community Physicians.

Since these candidates would generally continue to require JHHS sponsorship at the end of this one-time extension, the policy applies and will prohibit the employment of these candidates. We work with hospitals and health care employers who will provide sponsorship of nurses for a permanent work visa (green card). There are even a very limited number of H-1C visas available for nurses who want to work in underserved hospitals. As a successful applicant, once you sign your contract with Medliant and meet all the necessary requirements to satisfy U.S.

Immigration, Medliant will begin the process of sponsoring this visa. Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) will sponsor foreign nurses for permanent residency by filing an I-140 petition on their behalf. The National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC) is a Chicago-based trade organisation focused on helping public and private employers, unions and other sponsors of worksite health programmes get the most out of their employer health centres, worksite pharmacies and worksite fitness and wellness centres.

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