how can hospitals save money?

Multi-hospital networks can achieve efficiencies, increase scale and reduce labour costs by centralising non-clinical and non-differentiating functions, such as human resources, marketing, finance and purchasing, underlines hospitals & Health Networks Daily. Peninsula, says she and the rest of her colleagues have constantly asked themselves how they can find innovative ways to save money at their 284-bed freestanding hospital. Rising healthcare costs and shrinking operating margins make cost-cutting an ongoing initiative at hospitals and health systems across the United States. As some of the case studies above suggest, understanding the organisation from a new perspective can inspire change that improves the quality of patient care and benefits the hospital's bottom line.

Preventing hospital-acquired infections is critical to the financial well-being of your healthcare facility and the health of your patients. The funding model supports transitional care teams to help ensure coordinated care delivery after hospital discharge. Winkour points out that there are several ways for a hospital to improve the efficiency of hospital bathrooms. The Harvard Business Review recommends that hospitals align any cost-cutting initiatives with the mission and culture of their organisations, and then engage clinical and administrative staff across the organisation to collaborate in the process.

Executive summary In today's competitive recruitment environment, hospitals must do everything they can to attract, retain, and retain staff. However, as the healthcare industry continues to grow and evolve, the role of the CFO is also evolving, and there is a growing need for hospital CFOs to take a more proactive role in identifying and testing innovative cost-saving measures. With an ever-increasing volume of sick patients and the constant pressure to contain healthcare costs, hospital administrators are acutely aware of the need to reduce expenses now more than ever. They may find better ways to spend their money, or they may probe different areas of the hospital to see where costs and expenses can be cut.

As the WHO, OECD and World Bank report, 15 per cent of hospital costs in high-income countries are due to errors in care or patients becoming infected during their hospital stay. By optimising patient flow, the hospital will reduce delays and waiting times, preserve dedicated staff resources and ensure maximum occupancy of each bed. When it comes to the cost side of a hospital's financial equation, there are two rudimentary routes that executives can explore.

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