how many types of hospitals are there?

There are three main options: for-profit, not-for-profit and publicly owned hospitals. Rural hospitals, which typically have 100 beds or less, are located outside large urban areas and operate on small budgets. Both urban and rural hospitals may be designated by CMS as Safety-Net Hospitals based on the proportion of charity care they provide. The Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, Plymouth, pioneered hospital design by providing wards to minimise the spread of infection.

Clinics generally only provide outpatient services, but some may have a few inpatient beds and a limited range of services that can be found in typical hospitals. A specialised hospital is dedicated primarily and exclusively to one or a few related medical specialties. Students, interns and trainees working and learning in these hospitals are supervised by qualified physicians, professors, department heads and other medical staff. Some new hospitals are now trying to re-establish a design that takes into account the psychological needs of the patient, such as providing more fresh air, better views and more pleasant colour schemes.

Hospitals are often financed by public funds, health organisations (profit or non-profit), health insurance companies or charities, including direct donations. Veterans' hospitals are tax-funded hospitals widely used by men and women who have served their country in any branch of the armed forces. Volunteer physicians are private physicians who have hospital privileges but are not paid by the hospital. Some even limit the definition to those hospitals that are independently run (not part of a system covering a huge geographical area) and that serve a local demographic.

Within hospitals, there are different types of hospital units, usually grouped by the type of care patients may need. Knowing these categories can help consumers better understand the context of the hospitals from which they have to choose. With so many different types of hospitals and medical facilities, you may wonder what makes one hospital or facility different from another, and therefore different from your medical malpractice coverage. One reason is the wide variety of types, features, locations and services of today's hospitals.

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