what are the 10 best hospitals in the united states?

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations. For its list, the magazine partnered with consumer research firm Statista to rank the top hospitals in 25 countries. This hospital is also at the forefront of robotic surgery, using FDA-approved surgical systems to perform minimally invasive gynaecological and urological procedures. Like Mass General, Johns Hopkins Hospital also ranks in the top 10 in 15 adult specialties and five pediatric specialties.

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston ranked first in cancer, Cleveland Clinic ranked first in cardiology, and Hospital for Special Surgery in New York topped the list in orthopaedics. Ampliz's hospital and healthcare data attributes help you find out specialties, hospital subspecialties, emergency departments, surgical units, practice type and more. Hospital datasets will clearly illustrate hospital specialties, recent development, investment and funding status in the United States. Deploy Ampliz's healthcare intelligence and start reaching decision-makers in hospital and healthcare services in the United States.

The ranking, released on 3 March, is based on patient survey results, key medical performance indicators and recommendations from medical experts, including physicians and hospital managers. Known for its state-of-the-art pulmonology and gynaecology departments, Duke is a teaching hospital with an impeccable reputation. In addition, Barnes-Jewish Hospital is a major sponsor of the Area Rescue Hospital Consortium (ARCH). Services include a partial hospitalisation programme for adults and adolescents, an intensive outpatient programme for young adults and several psychiatric outpatient clinics.

Whether someone is seeking cancer treatment or heart surgery, having a ranked list of the best hospitals can bring peace of mind during difficult times. The Cleveland Clinic has pioneered several medical advances, including coronary artery bypass surgery and the first face transplant in the United States. Houston Methodist is affiliated with a number of medical centres: Weill Cornell medical college, Weill Cornell graduate school of medical sciences and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

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