what is the oldest hospital in america?

Our roots go back to 1736, when a six-bed infirmary opened on the first floor of the Almshouse in New York. Although today some people confuse the Pennsylvania Hospital with a state hospital, it was founded in the reign of George II, decades before the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania existed. The hospital has its origins in New York's first permanent almshouse, which was a two-storey building built in 1736.In the United States there are non-profit hospitals that are subsidised by state governments and bill Medicaid and provide medical services at little or no cost to the end user. Hospitals in the United States grew out of institutions, particularly almshouses, that provided care and custody for the sick poor.

There are several types of specialised hospitals, such as trauma centres, rehabilitation hospitals, children's hospitals, geriatric hospitals and psychiatric hospitals. The first documented hospital established by an Islamic ruler was built in the 9th century in Baghdad, probably by the vizier of the caliph Harun al-Rashid. Ehrenzeller completed his medical apprenticeship and practiced for many decades in the agricultural area of Chester County, but gradually Philadelphia's upper class moved from 4th Street westward to the hospital and beyond, and two of the wealthiest men in American history, Morris and Biddle, had homes within a block of the hospital, although Morris never lived in his home, as he had more pressing matters at the debtors' prison. A six-bed ward founded in 1736 in the New York City Almshouse became, over the course of a century and a half, Bellevue Hospital.

The first hospital was built at the intersection of Bienville and Chartres Streets, now known as the French Quarter. The Charity Hospital was established on 10 May 1736, from a donation by Jean Louis, a French shipbuilder and sailor, who had died a year earlier. But no, there are no public hospitals in the sense you're thinking of, and hospital care is very expensive in the United States. Rooted in this tradition of charity, the public hospital has its origins in the development of cities and community efforts to welcome and care for the chronically ill, the needy and the disabled.

The Pennsylvania Hospital, part of Penn Medicine, is the first hospital in the country, and was founded in 1751.The hospital can care for 30,000 inpatients, 105,000 emergency visits and 460,000 outpatient clinic visits a year. The first hospital in the United States was a facility established in 1663 to treat wounded soldiers in New York. Benjamin Franklin is considered the hospital's founder, and his autobiography famously describes how he persuaded the legislature to match the public's donations, without mentioning to them that he had already collected enough pledges to carry out the project.

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