What percentage of hospitals are government-owned?

Much of this increase in spending is due to rising healthcare costs and the resulting increase in fees as a percentage of state and local health and hospital spending. Most are part of publicly listed multi-hospital chains such as HCA, Tenet and Community Health Systems; others are owned by private equity funds as part of their investment portfolio. Safety net hospitals are a category of hospitals that provide a disproportionate level of charity care compared to other facilities. The majority of patients served by the hospitals are covered by Medicare (40.9 e patients served in U.

The HCUP is based on data from community hospitals, defined as short-stay, non-federal, general and other hospitals, excluding hospital units of other institutions (e. Census data on health and hospital expenditures include revenues from both government and health- and hospital-related charges, such as when a public hospital charges patients, private insurance companies and public insurance programmes (such as Medicare) for care or other services (e. The NICU has the potential to provide mechanical ventilation, neonatal surgery and special care for the sickest babies born in the hospital or transferred from another institution. The number of ED visits resulting in hospital admission was 17.2 million, and the number of ED visits resulting in admission to a critical care unit was 2.1 million.

The overall occupancy rate of public hospitals was slightly lower (51.9%) than that of non-contracted private hospitals (58.9%). Metropolitan and micropolitan public hospitals (285.0 beds and 211.5 beds, respectively) were larger than rural public hospitals (58.9 beds). Characteristics of public hospitals compared to private non-profit hospitals and all hospitals, U. In contrast, 25.9 per cent of patients in metropolitan public hospitals and 35.1 per cent of patients in micropolitan public hospitals were from lower income communities.

In addition, hospitals are compared on the basis of patient characteristics such as age, patient complexity, average household income associated with the patients' postcode, expected payer, length of stay and discharge status. The Census counts most Medicaid spending as public assistance, but includes some Medicaid spending in the category of health and hospital spending. Ranked as the best hospital in the world, the Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit organisation located in the heart of the US city of Rochester.

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