what was the original purpose of the hospitals?

The hospital is considered to be one of the founding elements of modern medicine. Such an institution, originally born to be a centre for the sick and poor, has served to improve medical knowledge and to educate new generations of nurses and doctors. What was the original purpose of hospitals, why did they expand and later shrink within the U. Almost all modern hospitals, whether new or reformed or improved from earlier times, had their origin and inspiration in medieval hospitals.

Originally, hospitals educated chaplains and brother priests in literacy and history; by the 13th century, however, some hospitals were dedicated to the education of impoverished children and young people. The earliest forms of Christian hospital care, organised between the 2nd and 5th centuries around active ecclesiastical centres, had their origin and development in the diaconate. As the activities related to the care and healing of the sick expanded and improved, the other forms of care activity originally included were eliminated from them. The medieval hospital, which was never wealthy, depended for its income on land (the original foundation and later grants), rents, tenths, donations, annual fund-raising days (such as those approved by Innocent III for the hospital of the Holy Spirit in Rome) and wills.

All the original ward layouts were based on medieval principles, providing as many beds in a shelter as possible and still cramming three or four individuals into each bed. The city physicians had a facility for the treatment of private patients and had no charitable purpose. The nurturing she-wolf prowls the city, recalling its origins, the story of Romulus and Remus. It was open to all who needed shelter, and was originally a hospice for travellers and pilgrims from distant places and in financial need.

I) claims that Bellevue Hospital may be the oldest hospital in the United States, tracing its origins to the hospital built by the West India Company in December 1658, which was one of the roots of the Bellevue City Hospital. Although subject to competing agendas that included religious belief, social control, secular philanthropy, scientific curiosity, communal pride and economic autonomy, the hospital's original purpose was to house and comfort all the sick in need.

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