when did the first hospital open in the united states?

As historians seem to have referred to east coast hospitals and tended to omit the role of mission hospitals on the west coast, the "argument" that a specific hospital, in what later became the United States of America, was the FIRST may never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. The Pennsylvania Hospital, part of Penn Medicine, is the first hospital in the country, and was founded in 1751.This exhibition marks the first time this impressive collection has left the confines of the Pine Building of the Pennsylvania Hospital. They belonged to a largely rural society, and few of them had occasion to visit a hospital. The Pennsylvania Hospital, founded by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Bond, became the first hospital in the United States.

Franklin's endorsement was enough to convince many others that Bond's hospital project was worthy of support. The hospital has the capacity to care for 30,000 inpatients, 105,000 emergency visits, and 460,000 outpatient clinic visits per year. American hospitals in the 18th and early 19th centuries were funded and run primarily by wealthy citizens who considered it part of their civic duties. If you were to travel to Philadelphia today to tour the historic part of the city, you would probably overlook the hospital.

Seamen's hospitals were established by trading companies to care for their sailors who were sick and unable to work and for passengers who were ill and could not be treated or cared for on the ship. As remembered today, on 11 February 1752 the first hospital to open in America was in Pennsylvania. Around 1750, Bond conceived the idea of establishing a hospital in Philadelphia to receive and cure the sick poor. The hospital evolved along with the medicine practiced there, adding a coronary care unit, an orthopaedic institute, an intensive care unit, oncology and diabetes centres, and a hospice, among other services.

Rooted in this tradition of charity, the public hospital dates back to the development of cities and the community's efforts to welcome and care for the chronically ill, the needy and the disabled. Today, Pennsylvania Hospital is the centrepiece of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 's healthcare complex.

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