Which hospitals are at capacity?

The averages have been calculated by adding the seven-day average for each hospital and dividing by the number of hospitals that have reported data in a county. While these figures provide an important measure of capacity and reflect the numbers hospitals have provided to the federal government, experts working with the data said the situation may have changed since occupancy levels were reported for the seven days prior to last Thursday. Just over three-quarters (75.6 per cent) of hospitals told the organisation in its most recent weekly survey that they expect critical staffing shortages to occur over the next seven days. The most recent data from the Mississippi State Department of Health indicate that there are 1,633 hospitalised patients statewide with confirmed infection and another 486 in the ICU.

State health officials told reporters that Idaho is on track to record 2,500 hospital admissions per week by mid-October and a case rate that exceeds previous highs from last December. You can see recent hospital capacity on the map below, which shows data reported by individual hospitals. During a press conference announcing the return to indoor facemask requirements and new hospital vaccination requirements on the same day, Acting Surgeon General David R. Hugh Shoff, deputy chief medical officer at the University of Louisville Hospital and an emergency physician, said.

Last week, the department issued a request for information among qualified hospitals to determine how much additional care they could provide if additional clinical staff were supported. When a hospital approaches 100 capacity, or when all available beds are occupied, healthcare staff are increasingly overburdened and may be unable to devote the time and resources needed to best treat each patient. Using an analysis from the University of Minnesota's COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project, NPR has created a tool that allows you to see how your local hospital and your county as a whole is faring. A hospital system with multiple facilities can report in aggregate for all facilities, or each facility within a system can report on its own, depending on how each facility is identified and set up to report to CMS.

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, 2,731 patients were hospitalised with confirmed COVID-19 as of August. During previous waves, hospitals have been forced to improvise by having staff see more patients than usual or by setting up temporary intensive care beds in other hospital wings.

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