which hospitals have ecmo?

Nurses chanted her name as she was wheeled out of the hospital for the first time since she arrived in February with COVID-19, barely able to breathe. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools, Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medicine. Yang says she sometimes had four or five clinical staff members help her when she needed to take a daily walk through the hospital corridors to keep her muscles working. Chandler Hospital and Kentucky Children's Hospital have been designated an ECMO Centre of Excellence by the Extracorporeal Life Support Organisation (ELSO).

Patients can be cannulated with ECMO anywhere within the hospital or at the patient's bedside. All children's hospitals have ECMO, which is regularly used for newborns with lung problems. Even as big as Emory is, the Atlanta hospital turns down multiple requests a day to transfer patients with COVID-19 who need ECMO, Daneshmand says. He was at a community hospital in north Georgia, and the family sought help at larger hospitals looking 500 miles in every direction.

And the larger hospitals have their own ECMO-eligible COVID patients who would be willing to try it. Their story helps explain why the shortage of trained personnel who can operate the machines that perform this extracorporeal membrane oxygenation has become a squeeze point as hospitalisations for COVID-19 increase. Memorial Regional Hospital and Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital have been recognised with the Center of Excellence Gold Level ELSO Award for Excellence in Life Support from the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO). Currently, only the largest medical centres offer ECMO, and that has meant that most southern hospitals have had to wait to transfer patients to a major medical centre during the recent surge in the pandemic.

Plumlee says his wife was sixth in line at a hospital 200 miles away, Centennial Medical Center, where Phoua Yang was finishing his 146-day ECMO marathon.

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