which hospitals require the covid vaccine?

The University of Maryland Medical System will require COVID-19 vaccination for its 29,000 employees and new hires beginning in September. The regional hospital will require employees to be fully vaccinated, or complete the exemption process, by October. Some health care administrators in Texas fear that imposing vaccinations on workers will push desperately needed employees to quit, according to the Texas Tribune. The requirement also includes physicians, advanced practice providers, volunteers and others who care for patients in the hospital.

The Connecticut Hospital Association said on 24 June that it has adopted a consensus statewide policy that reflects the commitment of the state's hospitals and health systems to implement mandatory vaccination for employees and clinical staff. It is requiring frontline staff, volunteers, students and operations staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the hospital said last August. New York City is requiring the approximately 42,000 staff of its public hospital system, Health and Hospitals, to be vaccinated in early August. At one local hospital in upstate New York, dozens of staff members walked off the job after refusing to be vaccinated.

These mandates have been endorsed by several state health associations, including the Kentucky Hospital Association, the Kentucky Nurses Association and the Kentucky Medical Association. Regional Health, the University of Rochester Medical Center and Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester are requiring employees to be vaccinated by September. The Peterborough hospital, which had already said it would adopt the requirement but had not yet specified a date, is the third and last in the area to do so. The requirement applies to providers, contractors and volunteers working in the Community's hospitals and care homes.

Trinity Health has implemented a vaccination mandate for its 117,000-strong workforce, including clinical staff, remote employees, contractors and "those carrying out activities in its healthcare facilities". St Luke's Hospital, an independent facility based in Missouri, is requiring staff members, volunteers, physicians, independent practitioners at its facilities and providers who come into contact with patients to be vaccinated by August. Texas Children's Hospital in Houston requires all employees and contractors to receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by September.

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