which hospitals use epic?

Some hospitals reported benefits to patients after refining the model, but the process took at least a year. Interestingly, every hospital that ranked in the top 10 bed counts for an Epic EHR user reported installations of multiple Epic products. In the Definitive Healthcare Hospitals and IDNs database, Epic EHR is currently installed in 2,353 locations accounting for approximately 35 percent of the EHR market share. Since then, the Epic system has connected KP's 38 hospitals, 619 physician practices, 17,791 physicians, 49,778 nurses and more than 177,000 employees across the board in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The Moses Campus of Montefiore Hospital has the largest number of staffed beds of all Epic users, with 1,458 beds in total. Under the programme, hospitals that begin using the company's predictive algorithms and make other technical upgrades can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual payments, according to the report. At least nine other Florida health systems, including Cleveland-based Martin Health, Tampa General Hospital and UF Health, already use Epic. However, with this new data set, nine out of ten hospitals in the ranking use Epic for both inpatients and outpatients.

Doctors and nurses reported chaos in the hospital and complained of a serious lack of preparation and training. As in last year's ranking, the top 20 ranked hospitals either already use Epic or are in the process of transitioning to the Verona (Wisconsin) system. The award recognises hospitals and health systems that demonstrate excellence in implementing information technology and innovation to improve the overall functioning of their institutions and patient care.

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