why are hospital sheets white?

All-white beds make guests think their all-white hotel bed is more luxurious, according to Les Roches, a global hospitality management school. Microfibre sheets can be washed in normal machines and dry faster than standard hospital sheets due to their thinness. HCAI is defined as any new infection in a patient who has been in hospital for at least 48 hours and who did not arrive with that particular infection. The international quality and patient safety standards body, Joint Commission International, ensures uniformity and standardisation of hospitals worldwide.

As such, sterile white linen is primarily used as an infection prevention and control measure to manage and reduce infections that may occur in the hospital. Hospital wards often have white or neutral-coloured bed linen so as not to add to the chaos and frustration. This, in turn, helps to prevent patients, staff and visitors from acquiring infections in the hospital. If you are observant enough, you will notice that most hospitals predominantly use white sheets in their patient wards.

Alsco NZ offers a wide range of high quality luxury white sheets suitable for all types of patients. For example, if there is any kind of bleeding or body discharge from a patient, it is easily noticeable on the white sheets. T-130 Economy hospital bed linen includes flat sheets, fitted sheets, drawer sheets, fitted sheets for cots and matching pillowcases. Most hospitals have infection control departments that dictate how bed linen is laundered in their laundries.

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