will hospitals pay the bsn?

Remember that it is always best to explore scholarship options before seeking financial support from hospitals, as the funding is final. Depending on the student's performance, a scholarship may be awarded in exchange for a commitment to begin working at the hospital for a specified period of time upon graduation. St. Luke's Boise Medical Center offers students tuition reimbursement, scholarships and loans with flexible repayment plans.

Whether it's paying a portion of tuition costs, reimbursing student loans, offering scholarships or allowing nurses to gain practical experience through work-study, there are many options. Hospitals give preference to employees and, after a certain length of employment, incentives become available to employees. This fall, WVU Medicine of West Virginia, which operates eight hospitals in the state, will begin offering tuition reimbursement to employees and their children. Like university work-study programmes, some hospitals will allow nursing students to gain hands-on experience in a hospital while in school.

Saint Mary's Hospital offers students continuing education assistance, an additional paid time off programme and tuition reimbursement. All tuition reimbursements are contingent on contracts that guarantee that the student will work for the hospital for a certain period of time. Instead of paying tuition fees or loans to external universities, some hospitals provide their own training and education for employees to further their nursing education. Access to doctors is facilitated, as well as increased practical knowledge of current hospital research and technologies.

For eligible students, many hospitals offer scholarship programmes that help pay for school tuition in exchange for employment contracts upon graduation. This programme will pay 60 percent of the remaining nursing student loan debt in exchange for two years of service. The demand for nurses is so high that hospitals and other health care facilities must be creative in finding and keeping qualified nurses. Children's Hospital Los Angeles offers many continuing education and certification courses to its employees and offers reimbursement for certification exams to nurses who pass.

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